coffee blanket morning bed notebook

Let’s Get Up

Let’s get up. Let’s get going. Another day, Full of growing. Let’s get up.Lets get dancing. Every day, Is fantastic. Lets get up. Let’s get going Let’s clean up. Showers flowing Let’s get up.Let’s eat some food. Make sure our, Coffee’s brewed. Let’s get up.Check a mirror.Make sure my,Face is cheerful. Let’s get up. Let’s …

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love universe stars swing tree night


Love is beneath,All of creation.It sets stars in order, And coalesces nations. Love is the Source, Of all movement and motion. If we are the wave, Then Love is the Ocean. Love is the Mother, That births all there is. Love is the Parent, All things are Her kids. Love is the Father,That raises His …

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nature storm clouds humans lightning


Clouds crowd the skies. Frigid winds fill the air. Winter has arrived. I hope you’re prepared. Stay warm at all costs. Stay inside if you can.The skies filled with more snow, Than a beach is with sand. Freezing winds all alone, Are enough to remind, Mortals of their brief,Existence in time. Even more winter speaks. …

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art texture abstract


A pad full of paper, A pencil in hand,A mind for creating, These all go hand in hand. Lines shapes and curves, From a mind with intention. Images form and emerge,Throughout two dimensions. Put color to page,Color sets all in motion.Like the reds in a fire, Or the blues of the ocean. Art brings to …

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tree sky earth ground

The Tree

Roots grip the ground.Branches bound for the sky. Grounded in dirt.Yet reaching up high. There is no denying,A seed must emerge.Before budding and growing,It dwells in the Earth. The Earth is its strength,Gathering life through its roots.A seed grows in form,Through the surface it shoots. Still no seed can climb,And fulfills it’s height. Without a …

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Beats and Tunes

Do you hear the sounds?The music playing? The notes of life,Uniquely arranging? The city speaks.It beats and moves.It sings it’s songs,Some rock, some blues. Some house, some rap,And country too.Each place you go,Hums it’s own tune. Each person too,Has their own beat.A note they play,A way they speak. What’s your voice like?How do you sing?Are …

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I am sporadic,There’s no schedule with me.One moment you see me,Next, I’m nowhere to be seen. Fortune-tellers and mystics,Have a hard time deducing,Of the many paths before me,Which one I’ll be choosing. In the morning I rise,With an outline of the day.But plans can be altered,And outlines can be changed. The butterfly alone,Doesn’t dictate it’s …

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red light traffic

Red Lights and Stop Signs

Red lights and stop signs,Get in our way.It’s true they protect us,But they do cause delay. Life offers red lights,Stop signs and road blocks.Dead ends and potholes,Life’s sometimes a bit much. In life as in driving,Red lights, they protect us.And a dead end may stop us,From something that wrecks us. Honor the speed limit,And reach …

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write pen to paper articulate think

Put Pen to Paper

It’s nice to look back,And see what you wrote.Remember your words,Revisit what you spoke. Writing is fun.It helps us let go.Helps allow clearness,Review what we know. I began writing,Just journaling thoughts,Jotting on a notebook,With little cause. I guess writing grew,Grew upon me.It grew grew and grew,Grew like a tree. I suggest writing,To any and all,Regardless …

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I like to think.I like to think broadly.In so many ways.My minds full of parties. I like to think,With symbol and story.Thinking this way,Never gets boring. I like to think,String thoughts together,Get them to rhyme,Make them sound clever. I like to think,Paint illustrations,In my mind’s eye,Vivid creations. Colors and shades,A palette of hues,Color your mind,With …

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