nature storm clouds humans lightning


Clouds crowd the skies.
Frigid winds fill the air.
Winter has arrived.
I hope you’re prepared.

Stay warm at all costs.
Stay inside if you can.
The skies filled with more snow,
Than a beach is with sand.

Freezing winds all alone,
Are enough to remind,
Mortals of their brief,
Existence in time.

Even more winter speaks.
It commands we respect.
Might that we’ll never touch,
Power we will never get.

Nature’s raw power,
Has many forms it will wear.
It may be a heatwave,
Or lightning in the air.

Whether winter or summer,
Lightning or heat wave,
The forces of nature,
Are here. Here to stay.

Let nature remind us,
Much is out of our hands.
Greater forces exist,
Then what we can command.