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Be The Moon

The darkness creeps,
It crawls and lurks.
The shadow spreads,
Across the Earth.

It lives in hearts,
In minds, in thoughts.
The darkness dreams,
That all else rots.

The darkness dines,
It sits at tables.
The shaking of hands,
Empowers, and enables.

But one candle alone,
Can light a whole room.
And a lone lifted voice,
Can sing a new tune.

In the darkness of night,
Set your sights to the moon.
After the coldness of winter,
Comes fragrant spring blooms.

For what good is a light,
Should it not be ignited?
What good is a traveler,
That travels unguided?

What good is a heart,
That remains undecided?
For the demons will rule,
Those that don’t fight them.

So let your light shine,
You yourself, be the moon.
Be the warmth of the world,
And the flowers will bloom.