tree sky earth ground

The Tree

Roots grip the ground.
Branches bound for the sky.
Grounded in dirt.
Yet reaching up high.

There is no denying,
A seed must emerge.
Before budding and growing,
It dwells in the Earth.

The Earth is its strength,
Gathering life through its roots.
A seed grows in form,
Through the surface it shoots.

Still no seed can climb,
And fulfills it’s height.
Without a star from above,
A celestial light.

Year after year,
And day after day,
The tree is given life,
In much the same way.

Roots feed the tree,
The Earth is its source.
The essence of life,
Dwells largely in dirt.

The heavens above,
Offer life of its own.
The rays of a star,
Energy to hone.

As time passes still,
A tree grows in might.
It becomes a refuge,
A new source of life.

Trees offer food,
The seed and the fruit.
Critters often burrow,
Below near the roots.

The birds of the air,
Look down from their nests.
The ones soaring above,
Have a new place to rest.

The tree is an image,
Revealing much about life.
Hold firm to the ground,
As you move towards the sky.