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The Opposer

It wears many masks.
It speaks every tongue,
It roams all the land,
No one know where its from.

Fear is the opposer.
It plots and it plans.
With cunning it moves,
Onto enemy lands.

It moves as a spy.
It sneaks as a snake.
It strikes in the dark,
With piercing cold fangs.

It watches and waits.
It plots to dethrone.
It aims for destruction,
Destruction untold.

It sows discord among,
All those that would hear,
The false wisdom bespoke,
From the one known as fear.

Dread falls upon all.
All those that let in,
The wolf at the door,
Disguised in sheepskin.

It whispers quite softly,
Yet leads all to terror.
Freezing all in their place,
Movement thwarted forever.

Like a pirate, fear takes.
It will pillage and plunder.
So defend what you’ve got,
Or soon you’ll go under!