Welcome to ReflectionsByTheWater. My name is John. I am the author and creator of this website and its writings. I hope that you find the combination of written works and imagery to be calming and insightful.

A few words about myself.

    I have always been fascinated with the world around me. Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a strong fondness and eagerness in my heart to learn. From exploring the backyard, to reading a book, to sitting still and going within, I have always had a natural inclination towards knowledge and growth.
    Looking back I can also see that story and adventure have always been a great joy to me. Much of my time as a child was spent exploring mountains, castles and planets in a classroom, the library, or at home. Nowadays, I most deeply enjoy comic books for my story fix. The amazing art and colorful characters bring me back again and again.
    Other than that I don’t have much more to say about myself at the moment.

A brief description of the past few years that led to me building this site.

    In the year of 2018 I was looking for a way to memorize a product list for a sales job. I had heard there were ways to improve your memory and I set out to investigate. I discovered a book called “Become a Superlearner” by Jonathon Levi. This book completely blew the doors of my perception of possibility. By practicing the techniques presented I was able to vastly improve my information processing, storage, and recall ability through vivid mental imagery. This meant I could learn things fast and more fully than I could before. This led me down a long path of exploration and discovery.
    I submerged myself in a number of fields: physics, history, psychology. Eventually I stumbled across the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist, researcher and teacher of meditative principles. Blown away by the incredible results achieved by his students, I began a deep dive into his materials. I discovered hundreds of documented miracles and instantaneous healings occuring amongst individuals adopting Dr. Joe’s principles. This was the second major shift in perception. Examining the evidence I was presented with forced me to revaluate and abandon many beliefs that I had previously held as truths.
    Yet even so, there was a certain familiarity with much of Dr. Joe’s teachings. Many of the things he taught echoed words I had heard before. They echoed the words of Jesus.I began exploring the religion that I had once left. I was fortunate enough to fall upon a few teachers that were able to reframe God, Jesus and the Bible in ways more aligned with what felt true in the heart.I would like to thank Aaron Abke, Aaron Tomlinson and Jamie Englehart for making their teachings available online. Each has contributed a large portion to my overall spiritual development, relationship with Jesus and understanding of the Bible. It is in no small part due to these men that I now consider following Christ to be my primary life path. I would also of course like to thank Jonathon Levi and Dr. Joe Dispenza for the pivotal roles they have played in my life. It is due to all five of these men that I have arrived at the place that I have so I thank all of them greatly.

I hope you folks enjoy your time here and feel free to reach out if you feel compelled to do so.

John Jimenez