Beats and Tunes

Do you hear the sounds?
The music playing?
The notes of life,
Uniquely arranging?

The city speaks.
It beats and moves.
It sings it’s songs,
Some rock, some blues.

Some house, some rap,
And country too.
Each place you go,
Hums it’s own tune.

Each person too,
Has their own beat.
A note they play,
A way they speak.

What’s your voice like?
How do you sing?
Are the songs you play,
Upbeat and freeing?

And those you’re with,
Do their notes align?
Are you harmonized,
In sync, in time?

There’s nothing better,
Than those in life,
That match our tune,
That sound just right.

But some in life,
Don’t quite match.
To them your sharp,
To you they’re flat.

That’s quite alright,
Just move along.
And move into,
A better song.

Your music’s yours,
It’s yours to play.
So pick your sounds,
And play! Play! Play!