woman dark room light

In The Dark

Imagine a massive room, the size of a city. This room is pitch black. There is no light whatsoever. The only source of light is a single flashlight which you hold. You are here alone. As you walk around this endless space, you discover all sorts of things. Perhaps you are pleased to find a …

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uplift purpose why winning reason

Purpose of Winning

Is life all or nothing,And full of high stakes?Or is to think in this way,A massive mistake? What if we’re all,Running in circles,Chasing our tails,Stuck in reversal? In the words of the joker,“Why be so serious?”I know he’s the villain,But his question is curious. Does it make sense,To keep upping the ante.To keep dedicating our …

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life map notepad story pen glasses

A Wonderful Story

From where do I come?Does anyone know?Those quick to answer,Should try thinking slow. Humans have asked,For 1000s of years.And 1000s years later,We’re not any nearer. No answer resolves,The mystery of life,The mystery of being,The mystery of time. Why are we stuck,In just three dimensions?Why wasn’t it two,And why just five senses? We know that there’s …

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sticks and stones bomber drone war peace

Sticks and Stones

We’ve come a long way,From just sticks and stones.Now we can decimate,Without leaving home. Drones rule the skies,Releasing depletion,Crushing opposition.Is it violence we’re teaching? Imagine the terror,As you look overhead.Explosions and tremors,Not to mention the dead. I’m told that it’s noble,We fight only evil.But civilian casualties,Are a big deal. What would you do,If your mother …

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shoes up high balance beam New York

Balance Beam

There was a man, As sure as can be.There was never a man,More surer than he. The man was up high,On the top of a building.In his own mind,He himself has no ceiling. In front of this man,Stood a long balance beam.A big part of life,Is self-trust as a theme. His confidence rises,When confronted by …

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monkey mirror funny cute

The Mystery in the Mirror (X-post)

I look in the mirror,It’s plain as can be.Staring back is a puzzle,The mystery of me. What is the self? A clever illusion?Scholarly debates,Result in confusion. Matter is real,All that there is.Spirit is false,The imagination of kids. Focus on facts,What’s measured and solid.But facts can be changed,Rewritten and squandered! If Spirit is false,Then what is …

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tough fish salmon upstream current

Swimming Upstream

The currents of life can often lead people to get stuck in tough spots. Their river may dry out, finding themselves desperately in need of oxygen. The current may lead them straight to a predator much greater than them. Grizzlies come to mind. They may reach a dead end and see no way forward. Getting …

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adventure science fiction space ship spaceship futuristic

A Final Good Bye

“What’s wrong daughter?” He asked as he saw a wave of frustration come upon her face. He already knew the answer. “It’s just that I’ve heard this song so many times already… And it doesn’t matter what the next one is, I’ve heard them all a million times.” She sighed. He had empathy for his …

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space universe dust cloud stars galaxy

A Universe Awakened

A universe born. Heat beyond conception. Energy beyond belief. Infinite expansion. Unrecognizable existence. Atoms take shape. Plasma clouds dominate. And then there was light. Matter condenses, creating stars. Stars birth new elements, the seeds of planets. Planets, solar systems and galaxies given shape. Physical, chemical and energetic processes shape worlds as they please. Comets, asteroids …

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