sticks and stones bomber drone war peace

Sticks and Stones

We’ve come a long way,
From just sticks and stones.
Now we can decimate,
Without leaving home.

Drones rule the skies,
Releasing depletion,
Crushing opposition.
Is it violence we’re teaching?

Imagine the terror,
As you look overhead.
Explosions and tremors,
Not to mention the dead.

I’m told that it’s noble,
We fight only evil.
But civilian casualties,
Are a big deal.

What would you do,
If your mother was killed?
No way to replace.
No way to rebuild.

I think if we saw,
The damage we do,
We’d be more hesitant,
In deciding to shoot.

It’s easy to justify,
And say that we’re right.
But let us remember,
What’s hidden from sight.

I’m not saying war,
Is without its place.
But it’s out of control,
When we can’t see it’s face.

In truth I’m just upset,
My heart isn’t fond,
Of knowing the death,
Imposed by the strong.

Let us always reflect,
On what’s being done,
Demand higher standards,
And treat all as one.

My heart does go out,
To all that have hurt,
That have lost life,
That have been burned.

And to those not intent,
On discovering peace,
My hearts with you too,
I hope you find ease.

If only we’d all,
Discover a way.
To satisfy all,
With peaceful ways.

Perhaps we can start,
With loving our neighbors,
Reviewing ourselves,
And adjusting behavior.

For now let’s be gentle,
And kind with each other,
And at least strive for peace,
Between one another.