tough fish salmon upstream current

Swimming Upstream

The currents of life can often lead people to get stuck in tough spots. Their river may dry out, finding themselves desperately in need of oxygen. The current may lead them straight to a predator much greater than them. Grizzlies come to mind. They may reach a dead end and see no way forward.

Getting out of a tough spot in life can be like trying to swim upstream, seemingly unnatural, exhausting and near impossible to get anywhere. For this reason, remember to carry compassion in your heart for all. You never know what silent struggles someone may be facing. You never know what difficulties may have scarred them. You never know what obstacles life may present in the future. And remember to have compassion for yourself in your struggles.

Lastly, feel gratitude for all the ways in which you are free from struggle and able to enjoy ease in any given moment. Give thanks for safe drinking water. Give thanks for roads to drive on. Give thanks for the beauty you can find in each and every person around you.