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You Must Be This Tall to Ride

If you visit an amusement park, you will find that for many of the rides there is a height requirement. A certain stature is required in order to participate fully and ride the ride. Otherwise, your experience will primarily be limited to observing the ride, second hand experience.

In the same way it can be useful to have certain standards or requirements for relationships in one’s life. If someone does not have the stature to engage in a polite, kind, and sincere way towards another then it may be useful to minimize exposure to that person. Strong engagement with people that routinely complain, minimize others, or exude a hostile attitude can severely damage one’s heart and mind. The chances of spreading negativity to others increases drastically when ones heart, mind and sense of person-hood is degraded.

For this reason, although it may seem harsh, it may be best to cut out individuals that produce such an effect. If cutting them out is off the table, then changing the way that you carry yourself, speak to, and relate to that person can be useful to diminish their effects.

You must be this tall to ride the ride. If not their are a number of alternatives available for children, infants and those still developing.