space universe dust cloud stars galaxy

A Universe Awakened

A universe born.

Heat beyond conception.

Energy beyond belief.

Infinite expansion.

Unrecognizable existence.

Atoms take shape.

Plasma clouds dominate.

And then there was light.

Matter condenses, creating stars.

Stars birth new elements, the seeds of planets.

Planets, solar systems and galaxies given shape.

Physical, chemical and energetic processes shape worlds as they please.

Comets, asteroids and planets crash, collide and coalesce.

Eruptions of fumes, magma and molten rock release from below.

Heavy clouds crowd the air while lightning cuts across the skies.

And somehow…

Through such disorder and chaos…


A double helix begins its journey.

The Mother/Father of all things is lifted from a lifeless landscape.

A single cell organism is born.

Matter has become animated.

The next near 4 billion years take such a cell all sorts of places.

What was once one has become multitudes.

Its descendants settle in the deeps.

Whole communities abide in each fistful of soil.

Its progeny roam pastures, plains, prairies and more.

Yet one may commune with a more immediate member should he wish…

He need only meet eyes with the next person he passes.

Or even take notice of his own breath.

For we are all branches on the tree of life.

Each tracing back to and springing from a single lineage.

The lineage of life.

And here we stand in awe and reverence nearly 14 billion years later.

Enriched with experience, insight and understanding like never before.

A universe awakened.