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Purpose of Winning

Is life all or nothing,
And full of high stakes?
Or is to think in this way,
A massive mistake?

What if we’re all,
Running in circles,
Chasing our tails,
Stuck in reversal?

In the words of the joker,
“Why be so serious?”
I know he’s the villain,
But his question is curious.

Does it make sense,
To keep upping the ante.
To keep dedicating our lives,
To acquiring whats fancy?

Must we continue,
To want more and more?
To allow our own gorging,
Til our stomachs are sore?

What if the point,
Is not to keep gaining,
But to find joy in giving,
And joy in sustaining?

Yes it is true,
We must honor ourselves.
At times lets indulge,
From the top shelf.

Still let us recall,
Our own histories.
I know overeating,
Is not best for me.

Instead I recall,
Moments of true peace,
Come from connection,
To the inner me.

And furthermore,
I truly attest,
Adopting a purpose,
Releases whats best.

So remember the joy,
The joy found in giving.
Remember your cause,
The purpose of winning.