shoes up high balance beam New York

Balance Beam

There was a man,
As sure as can be.
There was never a man,
More surer than he.

The man was up high,
On the top of a building.
In his own mind,
He himself has no ceiling.

In front of this man,
Stood a long balance beam.
A big part of life,
Is self-trust as a theme.

His confidence rises,
When confronted by challenge.
He steadies his heart,
And summons his balance.

One step at a time,
He trusts that he’ll make it.
Below is a fall,
One without a safe net.

Before he knows it,
He’s on the other side.
Then he looks back,
And sees others try.

At first he agrees,
They should go to.
But then he remembers,
What falling can do.

He expresses concern,
But before he can mention.
Some begin to fall,
Drawing all their attention.

As stated before,
There’s no safety net.
If your not up for the fall,
Then don’t make the bet.

The fall is quite hard,
And if they survive,
They’ll be covered in scars,
Ones that they can’t hide.

He came to regret,
The encouragement he gave.
For many it was folly,
And led to their grave.

For him it felt right,
To take on this task.
Now he sees its reckless,
Should ALL follow his path.

This event taught him,
Each alone must choose,
Which beams to cross,
And which to refuse.

Now he does not,
Encourage at all,
Others follow his steps,
Lest they should fall.

It’s wiser that each,
Should plot his own course,
Draw his own map,
And open his own doors.