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The Opposer

It wears many masks.It speaks every tongue,It roams all the land,No one know where its from. Fear is the opposer.It plots and it plans.With cunning it moves,Onto enemy lands. It moves as a spy.It sneaks as a snake.It strikes in the dark,With piercing cold fangs. It watches and waits.It plots to dethrone.It aims for destruction,Destruction …

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Lost at Sea

Each person should be careful in what they assume of others. For no man can truly understand what it is like to be a woman and no woman is able to fully grasp what it is to be a man. Furthermore, no man understands the true totality of being a man nor any woman understand …

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Be The Moon

The darkness creeps,It crawls and lurks.The shadow spreads,Across the Earth. It lives in hearts,In minds, in thoughts.The darkness dreams,That all else rots. The darkness dines,It sits at tables.The shaking of hands,Empowers, and enables. But one candle alone,Can light a whole room.And a lone lifted voice,Can sing a new tune. In the darkness of night,Set your …

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The Present Moment

Each and every moment holds the sprouting of a new seed, the blooming of a wild flower, the hatching of a curious creature. All is fresh and new in each moment. The ever-present now is both the culmination of all that has come before it and the spontaneous birthing of that which has never been. …

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Once I Was a Skateboarder

Once I was a skateboarder.With a push and a kick,I’d be rolling along.That was when we were kids. Once I was a skateboarder,Practice took my attention.Like a plant taking water,Growth became an obsession. Once I was a skateboarder,A marksman and an artist.The board was my easel,And landing my target. Once I was a skateboarder,A stunning …

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Fertile Ground

Each moment in and of itself is a brand new configuration of life, a fresh start. No moment has yet occurred in which the countless elements of life are arranged in the precise pattern as they are now. Therefore, each present moment, being completely new and unexperienced, is the perfect fertile ground for something new.

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Let’s Get Up

Let’s get up. Let’s get going. Another day, Full of growing. Let’s get up.Lets get dancing. Every day, Is fantastic. Lets get up. Let’s get going Let’s clean up. Showers flowing Let’s get up.Let’s eat some food. Make sure our, Coffee’s brewed. Let’s get up.Check a mirror.Make sure my,Face is cheerful. Let’s get up. Let’s …

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Clouds crowd the skies. Frigid winds fill the air. Winter has arrived. I hope you’re prepared. Stay warm at all costs. Stay inside if you can.The skies filled with more snow, Than a beach is with sand. Freezing winds all alone, Are enough to remind, Mortals of their brief,Existence in time. Even more winter speaks. …

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A pad full of paper, A pencil in hand,A mind for creating, These all go hand in hand. Lines shapes and curves, From a mind with intention. Images form and emerge,Throughout two dimensions. Put color to page,Color sets all in motion.Like the reds in a fire, Or the blues of the ocean. Art brings to …

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The Tree

Roots grip the ground.Branches bound for the sky. Grounded in dirt.Yet reaching up high. There is no denying,A seed must emerge.Before budding and growing,It dwells in the Earth. The Earth is its strength,Gathering life through its roots.A seed grows in form,Through the surface it shoots. Still no seed can climb,And fulfills it’s height. Without a …

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