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Lost at Sea

Each person should be careful in what they assume of others. For no man can truly understand what it is like to be a woman and no woman is able to fully grasp what it is to be a man. Furthermore, no man understands the true totality of being a man nor any woman understand the true fullness of being a woman. For as we pass through life we continually grasp and assemble pieces that allow us a fuller picture, but none complete the picture fully. Yet should anyone figure themselves out before they pass, they must still acknowledge that their experience, whether as a man or woman, is limited to a sample size of one. Unfathomable numbers of people walk this Earth today and have throughout history. Surely we must admit that our exposure to and understanding of humanity, in the present and throughout time, is equivalent to a single drop of insight, lost in a vast ocean of understanding. With that in mind, let the humble expressions of tolerance, patience, and kindness be the wind that guides your sails. Humility has a wonderful knack of leading to solid ground.