Poem and Prayer

In Heavenly Places

We have a seat,Right by Your side.In Adam all are dead,In Christ all are alive. In Him we are seated.In Him we were raised.The same powers in us,That defeated the grave. We’re seated with Him,In Heavenly places.The gifts we’ve been given,Show how great Your grace is. You call us Your temple,Your Spirit resides,Closer than the …

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The Defeated Foe

The essence of evil,In the form of a creature.An opposer and tempter,A violent deceiver. Master of confusion,The founder of lies.Should he be your ruler,You surely will die. But here’s the good news,The creature’s been slain.There’s a new king in town,With a powerful name. Let Him soften your heart,And reform your mind.He turns normal water,To the …

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Praise Be to God

Praise be to God,Knitter of Our Hearts,The Maker of Worlds, And Author of Stars. Your power is mighty,Moving planets through space.While down on the Earth,Flowers bloom by Your grace. Can we number the miracles,That come by Your hand?For our world is fine-tuned,By Your voice and command. Oh God, mighty Father,In reverence, let us praise,Your divine, …

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The Good Shepherd

A man of short stature,Climbed a sycamore tree.Jesus was passing his way,And he wanted to see. Jesus made His way by,With a whole crowd of folk.He stopped and looked up,And to Zacchaeus He spoke. “Zacchaeus come down!Get out of the tree!I must stay at your house,Now come walk with Me!” He came down with great …

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Be Transformed

A man must deny,His own worldly nature.He must die to himself,To become something greater. The place of the skull,Is where death must occur.For sweat of the brow,Is from Adam’s curse. Let the patterns that rule,Your mind everyday,Be transformed and renewed,Into a heavenly state. The fruit of the Spirit,Love, peace, joy and kindness.The riches bestowed,Are more …

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Once I Was Blind

Oh Father I ask,How could I miss,The glory of you,When I was a kid? Oh Father I ask,Why were my eyes closed?Although You were present,You remained unknown. Oh Father I ask,How could I not see?The truth of His Name,It’s plain as can be. Oh Father I ask,Why was I so blind?Blind to your love,Your love …

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A Prayer For Faith

Father I ask,May my faith be strong,Like a mighty mountain. Father I ask,May my faith be fierce,Like a mother bear. Father I ask,May my faith fortify,Like a castle fortress. Father I ask,May my faith revive,Like a hearty meal. Father I ask,May my faith endure,Like the sands of time. Father I ask,May I put my faith …

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Your Spirit

Father Your Spirit,May Your Spirit arise.Overflow from within,And surround us, on all sides. Father Your Spirit,It’s blissful and gentle,It’s always with us,We are Your temple. Father Your Spirit,Provides us direction,Sharpens discernment,Offers protection. Father Your Spirit,Your Spirit’s divine,Miracles abound,Given just faith and time. Father Your Spirit,Is Love itself,Compassion and grace,Heavenly help. Father Your Spirit,Blesses beyond knowing,May …

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