time and space god fractal divine Jesus Christ

Since Before Time And Space

Before worlds were made,
Before space and time.
You formed us in Him,
In Your heavenly mind.

You knew us way back,
As You know us now.
Now may we know You,
Know You inside and out.

Your treasures endure,
With time they grow greater.
While the ways of the world,
Are gone sooner than later.

May the Spirit You’ve sent,
Fill up every space.
May we walk in Him,
And walk in His grace.

Nothing can compare,
To the peace You bestow.
To the love that You give,
To the One that we know.

We beg You remind us,
Should we get distracted.
Turn our ways back to You.
Please, we’re begging not asking.

May our hearts always know,
The love and the grace.
Of the One that loved us,
Since before time and space.