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The Good Shepherd

A man of short stature,
Climbed a sycamore tree.
Jesus was passing his way,
And he wanted to see.

Jesus made His way by,
With a whole crowd of folk.
He stopped and looked up,
And to Zacchaeus He spoke.

“Zacchaeus come down!
Get out of the tree!
I must stay at your house,
Now come walk with Me!”

He came down with great joy,
But those watching complained.
“How could this man Jesus,
Call out to sinners by name?”

But Zacchaeus was moved,
He was moved in his core.
“I’ll payback my extortions,
And give half to the poor!”

Just like that it happened,
Jesus spoke and declared.
“Salvation has come here,
This man is an heir!”

Jesus made it a point,
With Zacchaeus and others.
There’s no lost sheep,
The Good Shepherd cannot recover.