new man christ image

A New Type of Man

Oh Father,
A new type of man,
To bring a new age,
In Him all may stand.

Oh Father,
His mission? Defeat!
The very same creature,
Eve found at her feet.

Oh Father,
His weapons wage war,
But not ones you’d expect,
There’s no shield or sword.

Oh Father,
Instead in its place,
We find peace and love,
Your very own grace!

Oh Father,
His Love shines so bright.
It heals the sick,
And restores lost sight.

Oh Father,
His Love transforms men.
Zacchaeus and Paul?
He made them His friends.

Oh Father,
He calms wind and wave.
His Love knows no bounds,
Not even the grave.

Oh Father,
For a jest and a laugh,
I have a joke of a question,
In humor I ask.

Forgive me my folly,
But is there a force,
To undo His Love,
Create a divorce?

Oh Father, I kid,
I giggle and laugh.
Our connection with Him?
Forever will last.

Oh Father, it’s true,
There’s no nearer to be.
For I am in Him.
And He is in me.