strength name jesus christ saves

Strength of His Name

Oh Father,
Don’t let us fear.
Satan himself,
Lives between our ears.

Oh Father,
His weapons are blame,
Guilt, anger, distrust.
His end goal is shame.

Oh Father,
He aims to degrade,
The glorious image,
In which we were made.

Oh Father,
Remind us again,
What was it you did?
To gift us his end?

Oh yes, that’s right!
How could I forget?
You erased all trespasses,
Forgave all our debts!

The Lamb of the World,
Was put in our place.
He suffered our death,
And absorbed our fate.

There is no more guilt,
You’ve rid us of shame.
And now Satan’s power?
Useless and lame!

Remember the power,
The strength of His name.
Confess Jesus as Lord,
And know that He reigns.