bible word christ jesus

Your Word

I thank you Father,
Your Word is the Truth.
He was born in the flesh,
As a child, a youth.

Oh Father,
To Egypt they fled.
Herod made a decree,
He wanted Him dead.

I thank you Father,
That wasn’t the plan.
You kept them all safe,
In the palm of your hand.

I thank you Father,
From the Jordan He rose.
John saw it himself,
It was Jesus You chose.

I thank you Father,
For the wisdom He spoke.
He brought Love and Light,
We needed the hope.

I thank you Father,
His miracles last.
He heals today,
Not just in the past.

I thank you Father,
He had mind, heart and will,
To carry His cross,
To the top of a hill.

Oh Father,
Darkness and pain,
Descended on Him,
Betrayal, shock, shame.

But! Oh Father,
What happens next!
This part of the story?
I’d say its the best.

Some call it a miracle,
Some call it a fluke,
But one things for sure,
It’s there in the book.

The almighty Father,
Raised Him from the grave!
By giving His Son,
The whole world was saved!

Now all may have access,
He’s brought a new day!
We all may know Him,
Just follow the Way.