three 3 chicks green grass


Many are at ease,
Satisfied with their height.
When it comes to me?
Growing’s on my mind.

I want to get better,
Learn and improve.
Improving’s important,
Important to do.

There’s so many ways,
We can expand.
Books, classes, video,
In the palm of your hand.

So what’s your excuse?
Not enough time?
Take 20 minutes a day,
And learn on a dime.

Growth is a process,
It’s not overnight.
But start flapping your wings,
You’ll wake up mid-flight.

We all must start somewhere,
And time it will take.
But some never start,
It’s their biggest mistake.

At the end of your life,
It’s not the misses that matter.
It’s the swings that you take,
So take more, you’ll be gladder.