I like to think.
I like to think broadly.
In so many ways.
My minds full of parties.

I like to think,
With symbol and story.
Thinking this way,
Never gets boring.

I like to think,
String thoughts together,
Get them to rhyme,
Make them sound clever.

I like to think,
Paint illustrations,
In my mind’s eye,
Vivid creations.

Colors and shades,
A palette of hues,
Color your mind,
With whatever you choose.

The mind is a well,
Of infinite measure,
Deep as the cosmos,
The mind is forever.

Within it you’ll find,
Wondrous places,
The strangest of people,
Limitless faces.

The limits within,
Are what you imagine.
Forget about limits,
Forever you’ll fathom.

So give it a try,
Its fun, I assure.
If your bored of reality,
Try imagining, a cure.