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Kingdom Come pt. 1

As a child that grew up in a Sunday school classroom where I would hear Bible story after Bible story, I was always fascinated by the idea of Heaven. Will the streets be lined with gold? Can I play basketball all day? Do they have crayons? These questions were pertinent to me and my understanding …

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Character Comments: Spiderman!

Spider-man. A quick witted, red and blue clad superhero with spider-like abilities. Behind the mask, Peter Parker, a mild mannered science geek that lives with his aunt May. From an early age I’ve admired Spider-man. When I look at Spider-man specifically I see the epitome of a selfless hero. Someone that consistently puts his life …

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Mysteries of the Kingdom

One of the incredible things about humans is our bright minds and imaginations. With such things we have come to find ourselves surrounded by all sorts of artistic expressions. From your favorite song this week to your favorite blend of drink, from the design of the clothing you wear to the lights, architecture, and billboards …

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