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Inheriting a Kingdom

Consider the following:

There was a man that lived in a forest under the rule of a king who himself was beneath the One True King that ruled all the land. This man lived a hard life. He spent all of his time trying to build a home for himself. As a young man, he labored for the capital needed to build a home. He shortly achieved it and had been working to build his home ever since. He would chop wood, lay foundation, erects beams, and do all other activity necessary to build his home. Unfortunately, he was never able to work very long without suffering a significant setback. Thieves came in the night and tore down walls and beams. Strong winds scattered supplies across the forest. Heavy rains and winds descended for days at a time ruining what had been done. Yet this man persisted year after year, never achieving completion.
One day the man awoke to hear a horse trot approaching his camp. It appeared to be a royal servant on horseback. As the servant approached he declared, “I am Chris, royal servant of the One True King that rules all the lands and I am here to declare good news to you sir. It has been discovered that there is a small kingdom that has recently been bestowed upon you as an inheritance. You need not labor for a place of rest any longer. Simply come with me and I will lead you to your inheritance” Chris handed over a gold plated document confirming the servant’s message and the man saw the royal stamp and signature of the One True King on the document. The man immediately left his possessions and followed him.