nature giraffe tree

Nature Thoughts

What good is a giraffe’s long neck if it keeps its head to the ground?
Should a tulip think itself any less beautiful when surrounded by roses?
Is a rattlesnake’s camouflage useful in the tundra?

No good at all! Its neck is for reaching vegetation up high! Even an animal with the neck of a hippo can graze the ground.
Of course not! It radiates the same light regardless and if it were among tulips, it would worry if it’s the prettiest tulip!
I would think not. Even if it was kept hidden, it would likely die from low temperatures.

If your uniqueness is a hindrance, maybe you are applying it in the wrong way.
Even the most amazing person will find a way to disregard themself if they wish.
No matter how well adapted you are, it won’t save you if you are in the wrong environment.