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Light and Dark

The Creator known as the One sat through all eternity with his two sons Light and Dark. Light and Dark being equal in might and stature, did not find it suitable to regard each other in such a way. So they asked the One, “which of us is greater?” Seeing no true distinction the One told them to regard each other equally.

However, eternity is a long time and they shortly began pestering the One again with the same question. The Creator who is full of humor and good jest imagined a game for his two sons to play. Being the master of all and having no conception of limits nor of constraints the One created infinite realities. The Creator, being One, and having no preference for either son made Mankind in his own image and after his own likeness to inhabit these realities.

The One then spoke to his sons. “The game is this. So that you may have an answer to which of you is greater, I send you into these realities that I have created. Whoever wins the most lives of Mankind shall be called the greater. Now go forth.” And so it is.