gold bug beetle leaf

A Boulder, Beetles, and Coins

A man was walking by,
Walking by a boulder.
The boulder was quite tall,
Taller than his shoulder….

As the man approached the boulder, it was struck by a flash of lightning. The boulder was split open.

A wave of golden coins came spilling out and began piling at his feet. He began to pick the coins up but he soon found himself horrified. Each coin he touched immediately came to life as a gold-colored beetle!

Before he realized what was happening he was being swarmed by these coin like insects. Panic sank in. He was being overwhelmed by the onslaught of insects. Yet, through the fear and chaos he noticed a woman standing off to the side.

This woman was beckoning at the beetles and holding her hands out. It seemed as if she wanted him to hand them to her. So, reacting out of instinct, the man immediately held out his hand and placed a handful of beetles into hers.

Lo’ and behold! The insects became coins once again! The woman bowed her head in gratitude and went along her way.

So the man picked up his beetles,
And for the remainder of the day.
He went all across the town.
Giving gold coins away.